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Precision casting technology lack restricts aluminum casting industry development

Release Date:2012-9-27 15:26:29 Browsing Times: 2843

According to the report, China Precision Casting Technology in addition to plant many points, the number of practitioners, large output, compared with the developed countries, in terms of quality, efficiency, energy and material consumption, labor conditions and environmental protection etc. there are gaps. The cause of these gaps are due to casting factory point scale is small, economic actual strength is poor, backward technology and equipment, management level is low, personnel quality is not high.

In order to eliminate these disparities, in order to meet the need of construction of our country economy, also in order to casting technology for aluminum industry's own existence and development, China's aluminum casting technology industry should be to improve casting quality and economic efficiency as the center, face domestic and international two markets; the strengthening of management, to lay a good foundation, raise quality of enterprise; casting technology of industrial structure adjustment, reasonable configuration resource, promote scale management; continue to apply advanced production technology and technical equipment improving casting technology, to achieve cleaner production, sustainable development.

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