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Welding technology of Honda in recalled 1300 CR-V vehicles SUV

Release Date:2012-9-27 15:28:01 Browsing Times: 2790

According to Reuters, Honda is currently in the United States of America recalled 1316 CR-V vehicles SUV, its reason is welding technology potential risk, may lead to impaired motor control.

Honda in its statement, the right front low control lever is used unreasonable welding process, the 2006 model year SUV right in front of low control rod part of the fracture risk. Not only affect vehicle performance, also increased crash risk. However, up to now, there is no related accident or casualty reports.

Honda said it will be in the middle of April to recall notice owners, while promoting the owners in between your car to dealers for inspection, the timely replacement of control rod.

Source: matchless car network

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