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China opening the high-end hydraulic support automatic welding technology revolution

Release Date:2012-9-27 15:28:42 Browsing Times: 3032

Recently, China's first " the high-end hydraulic support automatic welding production line " in Shanxi Pingyang heavy machinery limited liability company installation completed, marking China in the application of the technology is entered on a new level, reached the international advanced level.

The production line is called " the high-end hydraulic support top beam and the shield beam welding automation of complete sets of production technology and equipment, a set of CNC system " operation, intelligent control, tracking technology in one, the Pingyang heavy industry, the boat is versed in Nanjing seven two four research institute, which lasted two years together, test research, prototype design and facilities manufacturing.

The line is mainly used for high-end hydraulic support structure, a shield beam beam reciprocating filling type welding, solves the high-end hydraulic support structure key parts welding quality stability and structure of whole welding quality reliability technology difficult problem, is the production of high-end hydraulic support in a technological revolution.

Source: Shanxi daily

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