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Seamless pipe depends on the value and role of welding technology

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Seamless high-frequency welded steel pipe processing is relatively simple, rapid and continuous characteristics produced, produced in the process is simple and facilitate, produced and processed in accordance with the appropriate technology. Seamless steel pipe is widely used in civil construction, petrochemical, light industry and other parts used for the transport of low-pressure fluid, or made into a variety of engineering components and light industrial products, to display their important role and value in a different industry, show good characteristics and function. Following the first volume production of seamless steel pipe products and process flow, should be aware of the use matters.
Seamless pipe produced process

Seamless steel pipe by high-frequency welding unit the strip strip certain specifications volumes into round tubular and seamless welded steel pipe, welding processes and technologies. In the seamless steel pipe of the welded steel pipe of the shape can be circular, can also be a square or profiled, the choice of the tube depends on the sizing rolling after welding. The material of a welded steel pipe, the material of the steel pipe, the main producing and machining process will be different, Attention processed material is low carbon steel and σs of ≤ 300N/mm2, σs ≤ 500N/mm2 low alloy steel or other steel. The technology is relatively simple, seamless steel pipe welding technology produced and processed to ensure the use to display their important role and value, it represents good value.

Seamless steel tubes for high-frequency welding technology

The high-frequency welding is a seamless steel pipe according to the principle of electromagnetic induction, and AC charge in the conductor, the skin effect and the proximity effect and eddy thermal effects, so that welds the edge of the steel locally heated to a molten state, the rollers squeeze the butt welding seam crystal indirectly together, so as to achieve the purpose of the weld. High-frequency welding is an induction welding (contact or pressure welding), it does not require the weld filler, no spatter, weld heat affected zone is narrower, welding forming beautiful, welding machinery, well-functioning strengths in steel pipe production by a wide range of applications.

AC skin effect and proximity effect of seamless steel tubes for high-frequency welding is just after roll forming steel (strip), the formation of a cross-section disconnected circular tube, in the tube near the center of the induction coil is surrounded rotation of one or a group of impedance (magnet), the impedance tube ashamed at the formation of an electromagnetic induction loop in the role of the skin effect and proximity effect the tube open their mouths at the edge strength and prosperity of centralized thermal effects, so welding seam edge is rapidly heated to the welding after the desired temperature by the pressure roller pressing, the molten state of the metal crystal indirectly aggregate, after cooling to form a solid butt weld.

Seamless pipe welding technology welding mastery and good control, and guarantee the quality and function of the topics and quality welded steel pipe, display their important role and value in use.

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